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When a property owner who has had a help-to-buy loan for their purchase and now want to either pay off some of this loan (staircasing) or redeem the loan in its entirety the lender will require a valuation from a chartered surveyor

In most cases where the loan is being paid off the lender will require a percentage of any increase in value of the property at the time of the redemption - it is necessary for the lender to believe that the valuation has been performed with a method that they approve and this requires a chartered surveyor

To provide this valuation we call to inspect your property to assess its condition - using this knowledge we then look for a minimum of 3  properties that are similar in size, type and condition, that are local and sold recently - In this way we arrive at a valuation that is as accurate as possible

We make a charge of 425+VAT  Total 510 for this and can usually inspect within 14 days

With most of the help-to-buy organisations these valuations are valid for 3 months - after that a new valuation will be required - we can prepare a desktop valuation for 275+VAT  Total 330 without a further home inspection and this will extend the time for a further 3 months


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